DOAP: Dreams Of A Poet, Deluxe (432hz)
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1 Talk Ma Shh (ft. Leash)
2 Skate, Smoke, Rap
3 Dead Rap Café
4 Swing My Way (Radio Edit) (ft. YoungstaCPT, Leash & Ali That Dude)
5 P.U.S.S.Y. (Populations Under Stress Suppress Youth)
6 Voel Alleen
7 Keep Hope
8 The Free Country
9 Teenage Dilemma
10 Nice Spot
11 I Call This Freestyle (Freestyle)
12 Off My Chest
13 Only Human
14 A Mind's Journey
15 Alphabetical Psychology
16 Turn To Kill (ft. Jody Williams, written by LASZLO)
17 The Kenyan Painter (ft. Siseko Siwali)
18 Only You
19 Moon Lander (ft. M@ & Lyrically Inclined)
20 Ring The Alarm
21 Swing My Way (Full Version) (ft. YoungstaCPT, Leash, M@, Ali That Dude & Ben Caesar)

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After 2 years of hard work, Laszlo releases his brand new 20-track mixtape, titled ‘DOAP: Dreams Of A Poet’ in 432hz healing frequency, a frequency that is in tune with the frequency of nature that has been shown to have healing benefits.

The mixtape addresses topics ranging from Laszlo’s personal dreams and trials to political corruption and racism, with dashes of humor in between. The mixtape features composers and producers from around the world, including Anno Domini (produced for 50 Cent, Immortal Technique, D12), Johnny Juliano (Game, Drake, Whiz Khalifa, Big Sean), AMP Live (From 9th Wonders’ label), 2Deep (Jadakiss, Rick Ross, Method Man), Ric & Thadeus (Kid Ink, Florida), and more, and features various African artists, including top South African artist YoungstaCPT, SA Idols winner Jody Williams, Namibian lyricist Ali That Dude (Black Vulcanite) and more. 

Crammed full with tracks showing off Laszlo’s story-telling, lyrical complexity and even his ability to rap in both English and Dutch, ‘DOAP: Dreams Of A Poet’ is sure to land amongst true hip hop lovers’ favorites and solidify Laszlo’s reputation as word smith.

Listeners of the mixtape will likely pick up on a myriad of influences, for which they have Laszlo’s upbringing to thank: Laszlo was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, to an anthropologist father and a mother heavily involved in social work. This led to him leaving his home country at merely 9 days old and moving to the desert plains of Darfur, Sudan. After this followed a long list of more countries that Laszlo would call his home, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and ultimately, South Africa. 

Fast forward to today, Laszlo has an SAE music production degree and a promising presence: He’s independently amassed over 60,000 online followers; has over a million online streams; his music’s graced radio stations around South Africa; he’s performed live for millions on-screen and thousands in person; and he’s been featured on TV programs, print magazines and promotional mixtapes around the world.

Now, with the release of ‘DOAP’ along with another mixtape and a brand new EP, Laszlo is about to take it up a gear. Fans can support him by purchasing his NFTs or purchasing his music from him directly via BandCamp. Top supporters gain access to live performances, exclusive Q&A sessions, behind the scenes footage and more.

With that said, will you take the journey with him? We all love a success story, but only few are part of creating one.


Release Date

May 19, 2023