Laszlo was born in The Netherlands but left his birthplace at merely 9 days old, first moving to Darfur, Sudan, growing up mostly across Africa and Asia and traveling to 40+ different countries due to his father being an anthropologist and his mother a social worker.

The music bug first bit Laszlo while starting high school in Ghana, Africa. Here, he won rap battles against senior students, performed at various shows, and worked at studios around Accra to record his first album, with all songs and visuals done by him at 13 years old, making him an underground sensation in the city.

He also started focusing on visuals, designing his own artwork, website and basic animations, using photography, different print techniques and later on, digital editing.

Eventually, he found himself in his mother’s motherland – South Africa. Here, he founded an independent record label as part of his final creative project at SAE (School of Audio Engineering). Through his label, Laszlo released various music projects, developed artists, and experienced mainstream success and coverage on national TV and radio. He collaborated with award winning producers and artists, performed for millions on-screen, for thousands in-person, and created a name for himself across Southern Africa.

Before long, Laszlo’s visuals, too, caught people’s attention: alternating between the corporate world and the world of entertainment, Laszlo worked as designer for the likes of Warner Bros, Mercedes-Benz, Harley Davidson, Red Bull, MTN and other big brands, designing apps used by tens of millions of people across the world, and contributing to campaigns that reached hundreds of millions.

However, though successful, Laszlo felt there was more to life: something within him itched to be unlocked.

He decided the best way in, is outward. Laszlo became a digital nomad, and embarked on a 5-year long intermittent journey of self-discovery in the tropical jungles of Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica.

Emerging from the jungle and born anew, Laszlo now fuses his passions for music and gift for visuals into being not just a recording artist, and not just a digital designer: but an audiovisual artist. Regardless of what label you stick on him, one thing’s certain: Laszlo is a prolific force of Nature herself.

Where many artists act as capitalists promoting materialism, Laszlo embraces the other side of the coin: Having escaped the Matrix, he advocates living off-grid, elf-sustainably in harmony with nature, and promotes sovereignty and self mastery. His music and art, in turn, reflect this.

Laszlo’s new 6-track EP – titled ‘Jungle Boy’ – is fully written, recorded and produced by him with a live band in the Costa Rican jungle in 432hz, nature’s healing frequency. ‘Jungle Boy’ is Laszlo expressing himself freely; far away from the boxes previously imposed on him by the music industry, society or himself.

Along with his new ‘Jungle Boy’ EP, Laszlo’s also released remastered 432hz versions of two previous projects: ‘The Purple Light District, Deluxe’ (13 tracks); and ‘DOAP: Dreams Of A Poet, Deluxe’ (21 tracks), and has released both as animated lyric albums, with all songs available as limited edition NFTs.

Especially the first single from the EP, ‘Jungle Boy’, is an ode to how the jungle changes you. It becomes a part of you, and expresses itself through you.